Engineering for Environment Portection – TOP

22 th International Scientific Conference

Častá – Papiernička, 7 to 9 June 2016

Section Supervisor for Renewable energy – KUVOZE


Patronage over the conference took the Minister of the Environment László Sólymos and rector of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Robert Redhammer.

The conference focused on topics:

 – Environment protection strategy
 – Materials recovery facility
 – Waste from the automotive industry
 – Environmental Protection
 – Recovery of construction waste
 – Renewable energy

Chamber of users and producers of renewable energy – KUVOZE to ensure the conference the following presentations:

 – Energy efficiency, safety and self-sufficiency in renewable energy sources
 – Electromobility and hybrids
 – Decentralisation biogas plant for processing biomass waste
 – PID – Loss on the solar panels and the possibility of recovery
 – Greater barriers to the use of renewable energy sources
 – Analyzed the progress of the project “green households”
 – Possibility and necessity of decentralized energy
 – Potential biogas substrate in terms of their songs
 – Electric mobility and its impact on future energy and transport
 – Energy Storage energy as an instrument to support the reduction of CO2 and build a smart energy infrastructure



Environmental Technology

GB Energy Holding Ltd. an innovative approach to transforming construction waste to certified products
Reichel SK, Ltd. for research, development and manufacturing of conveyor bezosové
KOVOZBER, Ltd. Technology for complex processing of waste from the automotive industry.

Progressive IDEA

David Ruessmann – Waste incineration bottom ash: A valuable source of non-ferrous metals
Andrea Miškufová work with the theme of reuse of waste from aluminum finish in sewage treatment
Miroslav Richter works with the theme of undesirable waste

Student Work

Bc. Patrik Kuruc: The use of ozone in the recycling of waste and the recovery of metals deficit, Faculty of Metallurgy TU Košice
Bc. Anna Badidová: Creating a mathematical model of correlation of subjective and objective methods of assessing the quality of sound in the interior of the car, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering TU Košice
Bc. Martin Mesaroš: Energy Production – Gabčíkovo, Faculty of Architecture STU in Bratislava


KUVOZE in the accompanying program of the conference presentation to ensure electric and hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota Prius, and the main draw was particularly Tesla Model S.