How to join KUVOZE

Dear supporters of renewable energy,

We offer you the possibility to become a member of the Chamber of users and producers of renewable energy KUVOZE, which is a voluntary independent professional association of legal and natural persons not established to make a profit and develop activities aimed at protecting the rights of its members for the purpose of better defending their interests in renewable energy sources.

As members of the chamber can participate in

a) the activities of individual sections working within the chamber,
b) a common law enforcement in the field of renewable energy,
c) a common approach to dealing on the promotion of renewable energy,
d) the preparation of materials for different ministries and state and local governments,
e) the creation of an Internet portal, and publishing your own articles, expert
f) projects implemented chamber
g) domestic and foreign projects, including research and development projects.

At the same time members of the Chamber of use

a) information service provided by a member of the chamber,
b) the possibility of free presentations at events organized by the Chamber,
c) Discounts for publishing ads on Internet portals,
d) Discounts for publishing ads in the Chamber newsletter and leaflets chamber
e) Discounts for publishing advertisements in specialist puiblikáciach issued by the Chamber,
f) joint exhibition space for trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars and conferences.
g) expertise chamber
h) international contacts chamber.

Membership in the Chamber in addition you get

a) a FREE entry to the membership section of the chamber on a website,
b) sending a free electronic version of the newsletter chamber
c) the possibility of regularly sending current reports in the field of renewable energy,
d) the possibility of extending professional and business contacts.

Chamber members can become by completing the form and sending it to the electronic or postal address of the Chamber of users and producers of renewable energy – KUVOZE.

Is pleased to welcome you when you become a member of the Chamber and will contribute actively to the development of both chambers, but in particular the development of renewable energy sources, especially in the Slovak Republic.