Wind energy

Wind energy or energy obtained through the use of wind power is one of the oldest used renewable electricity. Since the wind was located almost everywhere, it has been used by man since time immemorial. Wind energy is among the so-called. clean energy since it does not pollute the air, produces no waste and therefore does not have a negative impact on a person’s life.

Wind power, which is the basis of wind energy use by man since ancient times. Whether it was the propulsion of vessels or to drive windmills, or help with irrigation. Over time, the wind began to use force and to generate electricity. However, the use of other types of power generation (coal, gas and nuclear power plants, etc.) Overshadowed the acquisition of electricity through the use of wind power. At present, however, to this type of electricity generation retrogress and electricity generated through the use of wind power it is becoming an integral part of the so-called. energy mix.

Despite the fact that currently there is a renewed increase the use of electricity through the use of wind power, many experts point out that the potential for electricity generation in this way has been underutilized and could be a greater proportion of total electricity generation . But on the other hand, it is mainly remitted to the instability of electricity supply of this type of production resulting in the strain on the individual transmission and unnatural intervention in the landscape.

Within the European Union is involved in wind energy in total electricity generation around 5%. Most installed wind parks in the European Union in Spain, Germany, Italy and Austria. According to the objectives of the European Union should be the share of wind energy in total electricity generation in 2020 to 10%.

In Slovakia, wind power represents only a fraction of the total electricity produced. The total installed capacity of about 5 MW, representing the consumption of about 3,000 households. Because of insufficient wind energy in Slovakia are as follows:

– The lack of suitable sites for the construction of wind parks,
– Part of suitable sites located in protected areas
– Slovak Electricity Transmission System and does not issue permission to connect new wind farms to the transmission system,
– The need to obtain authorization amount.

The share of wind energy in total electricity generation Slovakia is at the very tail of the European Union countries.

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