[:en]The ability to obtain grant from the European Research Council reveals large differences in financing science. Even in the Czech Republic they are not satisfied.

Grants ERC (European Research Council / ERC) has not yet attempted to obtain 473 Czech projects. That is why today, 23 guests of Czech institutions holders of financial support that can also serve as an indicator of excellent science in that country. Moreover, 20 Czech researchers who have reached the ERC grant, operating abroad.

Multiannual funding for basic research (Frontier Research) in the European Union from the resources of the ERC often exceeds one million euros. Overcome tough competition in which they enforce less than 15% of the projects are therefore worth.

A simple comparison of the Czech Republic and Slovakia show a large discrepancy even taking into account higher population in our western neighbors. Slovakia is the only laureate of the ERC grant Ján Tkáč from the Institute of Chemistry, Slovak leading four successful grant project operating abroad.

Czech prove to its research facilities to attract five foreigners. Attractiveness is another sign of how well the country is doing to promote science. In this respect, it may be a good example for other United Kingdom. Among the 1366 recipients of the prestigious award are 660 foreigners. The United Kingdom has thus cast together the best minds from around the world.

Even better is not ideal

While in the Czech Republic spending on R & D over 2% of GDP in Slovakia’s not even 0.9%. At more than twice the GDP of the Czech Republic it is the result of four times the support. A grant from the ERC’s example solves so. rational inattention theory, analysis of algorithms, thermodynamics of fluids or the development of intelligent robots to chemical pollution.

With the 19th place in the number of ERC grants received within the dvadsaťosmičky are not satisfied in the Czech Republic. Education Minister Pavel Bělobrádek in the spring said he wanted percentage of scientists in the struggle for grants by additional release sources.

The underperformance of their country but at Monday’s Conference Day in Slovakia ERC also said ERC Scientific Council member recently developed. Czech physicist said: „The Czech Republic has only 23 grants, Slovakia one. For me it is not a significant difference. Statistically, the number of grants per capita, it is in Europe is still a very small number. “

The Czech Republic is but one of the countries that have already introduced a national mechanism for the utilization of cutting-edge research projects that ultimately the European money achieved. Complex assessment at the transnational level candidates with the highest marks and guarantees to refinance their intent from the state. In Slovakia, this option is not yet.[:]

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