Transformation and energy saving

Electrical, thermal, solar, steam, nuclear, mechanical, hydro power … adjectives are plentiful. Moreover, all types of energy can be mutually ( “to each other”) to convert. Although there is no criteria or generally steady grading system of energy, which do not explicitly connects with every energy, whatever it is, always to the fore the need for a saving – saving.

Within the energy saving distinguish approaches:

reducing energy intensity (ie. a reduction in space heating)
improving the efficiency of energy, which means increased efficiency achieved by reducing consumption (eg. heat insulation, energy saving lamp)
use of renewable energy sources (RES); This is not about saving in the strict sense, usually it refers to replacement of fossil fuels by other alternative types of energy (eg. geothermal energy instead of coal, processing of biomass into electricity and heat)
In particular the use of renewable resources and saving energy is also directed a national project Green Households that supports the installation of five kinds of devices:

small power generation equipment with capacity up to 10 kW – photovoltaic panels, wind turbines
the heat generator to cover the energy demand in a family or apartment building – solar collectors, biomass boilers, heat pumps
Among the generally recognized, economical and environmentally friendly methods of energy production is one example. cogeneration. This is a combined production of electricity and heat (CHP) energy. There are many ways to transform the energy contained in the primary fuels into electricity. These methods are, however, usually accompanied by the formation of heat that can be used.

If it is combined with the use of biomass cogeneration, there is a very useful resource and energy efficiency of the cogeneration systems is economically strong argument. The possibility of obtaining fuel from biomass cogeneration units clearly this kind of energy preferred over other means of production.

Just cogeneration, respectively. cogeneration technologies combined heat and power, which are an important tool for saving fuel is also reflected in the said project Green households.

Increasingly, however, we encounter the term “trigeneration”. This name is used to mean the addition of cold, have produced three different kinds of energy. Cold is obtained in absorption refrigeration units.

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