[:en]The project should be involved in car and mobile operators whose services are necessary for autonomous vehicles.
The European Commission should finance at least part of the cross-border project that will test the deployment of hundreds of self-driving cars. In a letter obtained editors EurActiv.com, it says a consortium made up of representatives from the automotive and telecommunications sectors.

As yet unofficial initiative is associations ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association), CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers) and telecom operators associations GSMA organizations, ETNO and ECTA.

Four testing autonomous cars will run until 2021. It should verify the quality of the technology, its efficiency and security, including cyber security and pitfalls associated with the protection of personal data.

Today’s mobile networks will be replaced during the test 5th generation networks. Whereas vehicles require a constant connection to the Internet, it will be important just the ability to overcome boundaries. Non-harmonized spectrum and variety of mobile connection providers with clearly defined boundaries scope could complicate the smooth transition of automatic control of one network to another.

Test project aroused keen interest among private companies. In the summer should be partners in the project could become operators Orange, KPN, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Proximus, technological Bosch, Nokia, Ericsson and automaker Ford, PSA, Toyota, Volkswagen and Renault. The project sees a chance to prepare a commercially available version of the car without a driver.

The Commission did not comment on the letter yet. Wait for its official publication. Sources in the Environment say that the idea could gain the necessary resources from the European Investment Bank.

Car manufacturers are already in the past posťažovali that new technologies in motor mechanics at the European Commission deals with a number of working groups, which do not cooperate. This would result in repeated meetings on one topic. CEO Erik Jonnaert ACEA said in May that the Commission is working „too many cooks in one kitchen.“[:]

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