[:en]The declaration of the third round of the national project Green households inches. This is primarily the amount of incomplete applications for reimbursement vouchers, which were submitted at the last minute.

Assessment complicated contractors who kept all the requests at the last minute before the expiry of bills. A number of compulsory documents are missing and must be back as delaying the assessment and follow-up. The situation is different in the case of contractors, of which at least part of the applications sent in the first months. This documentation can timely adjust turnover in general terms, and other applications already delivered complete.

For some applications it will be necessary, before reimbursement include a test at the installation site, which can also be extended assessment, reimbursement and overall project timetable. „It is clear to us that the postponement statements during the holiday season is not good news, since households and contractors are waiting for vouchers. In this connection, we consider all possibilities and advance notice that round will be announced only when the bills reimbursed most of the 1st and 2nd rounds. We will do everything possible so that it can be even in July, „said Head of the Communications Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) Stanislav Jurikovič.

Funding for vouchers already issued are still reserved a block statement next round. Given the specific financial terms of the national projects are funds from the Operational Programme Environment Quality released gradually and therefore the support takes the form of separate rounds. Reimbursement vouchers contractor cycle ends. For new voucher funds are available only when the documents will be reviewed already cashed vouchers.

For examining the application it has SIEA current 30 days. No deadline begins to run only from the time of receipt of the complete application dossier. Claims for assessing the bills SIEA since December 2015, when the project was launched. Assessment and refund the over 1500 vouchers worth € 3.2 million. For all of 3117 bills that have SIEA records request for reimbursement it is reserved almost € 6.8 million. Overall, it is a national project earmarked € 45 million.[:]

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