[:en]If a household wants to increase the likelihood that you will be able to obtained a voucher for facilities to exploit renewable energy sources applied should the time remaining in the 3rd wheel used for the preparation and consultation with the contractor.

The third round of the project, which will be issued vouchers with three months validity only for households in regions outside Bratislava, plans Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) declare in the coming weeks. Experience from previous rounds clearly shows that not enough just to get a voucher, but it is crucial preparation prior to application. The reasons for which households already issued vouchers not used, it was more, but in most cases could have been avoided mistakes before application. An overview of the most common mistakes households and contractors in previous rounds is available at www.zelenadomacnostiam.sk.

Part of errors was related to the fact that conditions have not read the project nor other useful recommendations on how to approach the use of aids or simple manual for the application. The likelihood that the application is correctly completed and the voucher will be able to be used, is substantially increased if the household will advance work closely with the contractor. The current is more than 800, with the experience of the installation of the project and the submission of the application for reimbursement vouchers has more than 360 of them.

After the first two rounds SIEA recorded 3,071 applications for reimbursement vouchers to devices that households are already using. How many vouchers worth over € 6.8 million will also be reimbursed, arises from the assessment of applications. It will be completed in the coming weeks because the large number of applications was received just before the end of rounds. While it is reimbursed over 1500 vouchers for 3.2 million €.[:]

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